«American energy dominance»: trump has promised to provide Ukraine with coal

«American energy dominance»: trump has promised to provide Ukraine with coal

In the framework announced by the White house of the «week of energy», on Thursday, June 29, the Washington headquarters of the U.S. Department of energy has become a venue for events dedicated to the promotion of the idea of the «American energy dominance», with the aim of further development of this industry in the United States.

After lengthy discussions on labor and industrial prospects of the country, and plans for the future, got up on stage , Donald trump and announced the beginning of the “Golden era of American energy.”

«American energy dominance»: trump has promised to provide Ukraine with coal

The President has decided to remind about his campaign promises, and as an example of achievements in the field of energy development he had given his approval of projects on the expansion of the Keystone pipeline and expediting the construction of the pipeline Dakota Access.

Thus, he radically changed the political course established in relation to this matter by the Obama administration. The effect of the decision Donald trump has called the creation of thousands of new jobs.

The President recalled, and the release of the Paris climate agreement that, according to him, happened to protect American jobs, companies and employees. However, trump said of the possibility of re-entry of the United States in the agreement, but “the best conditions”.

Claiming that the United States is rich in “extraordinary energy abundance”, including natural gas and coal are the world’s leading manufacturers of oil and gas, the President promised to set both energy independenceand its energy dominance.

Further actions the White house will be associated with the reduction of restrictions on the development of natural gas and the abolition of the moratorium on lease coal on Federal land, announced Donald trump.

In addition, trump announced six new initiativesthat “will set in motion the new era of American energy dominance.”

The first initiative, the President called the revival and expansion of the national power sector to generate clean, renewable and non-polluting energy.

Second, he promised to begin the implementation of the export of American coal to Ukraine and all other States that are willing to buy it from USA.

“Ukraine is already telling us they need millions and millions of metric tons right now. There are also many other places. And we want to sell coal to them and everyone else in the world who need it,” said Donald trump.

Third, the President said approval for the construction of a new pipeline with a capacity of up to 180,000 barrels/day to Mexico, which, he joked, will be “directly under the wall.”

Fourth, the United States plan to start negotiations on natural gas supply to South Korea.

Fifth, the Ministry of energy approve natural gas exports from the terminal for liquefaction in the city of lake Charles, Louisiana. This will allow the country to compete in European and Asian markets with major gas producers like Russia, Qatar and Australia.

And Sixthly: will open a new offshore leasing program for oil and gas by 94% of offshore lands, access to which the previous administration had closed.

“The Golden era of American energy in the process of development. And I’ll do another step: now begins the Golden era of America. Believe me,” said Donald trump at the conclusion of his speech.