The leader of the Republicans in Congress Kevin McCarthy compared the Sanders with Maduro

The leader of the Republican minority in Congress Kevin McCarthy, discussing on Fox News with Sean Hannity dramatic events in Venezuela, said that progressives Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others practiced the same policy that led to the tragedy of the people of this South American Republic.

McCarthy and Hannity compared Democrats offers free medical care for all, free education in College and free child care policy, which for many years was held by the socialist Chavez in Venezuela:

Venezuela used to be the jewel of Latin America. Then what happened? The government took over and everything failed.

These are the same policies that Democrat Socialists like Bernie Sanders are pushing for. It didn’t work for #Venezuela, and it won’t work for the United States.

— Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) May 1, 2019

«This is something scary, because 20 years ago Venezuela was a gem of Latin America. And now 50,000 people a day cross the border in Colombia, to buy daily necessities from milk to toilet paper… they Have no electricity. In hospitals there is no electricity. They have no running water. Babies are born, they are put in cardboard boxes. It was a socialist policy, which promised free health care, promised free education… It’s Bernie Sanders, AOC…»

The leader of the Republicans in Congress Kevin McCarthy compared the Sanders with Disney Television/CC

In the period of high oil prices in Venezuela came to power, the left, which nationalized large segments of the economy and began to be financed from the state budget extensive social programs, causing for several years, the envy of their neighbors. However, with the fall in oil prices, the country’s economy began to collapse, and the government is now trying to hold on to strict methods of dictatorship and limited freedoms, suppressing speech is unhappy, the work of their political opponents and free media.