«Dove of peace» Butina November 5, flying home, «spy» Whelan may get 20 years

Convicted by a court of the United States as an agent of Moscow Russian Maria Butina, while in prison, gave a big interview to National Public Radio. In it she said that she loves, and the United States, and Russia, wants to build peace between them and denied that he worked for whatever the Kremlin’s plan against US:

«It would be wrong to say that it was one big plan, and I am part of some Grand plan. There is no evidence that. And I don’t know if there is a plan. I never hide my love no Home, nor to this country… I love both countries and I built the world».

«Dove of peace» Butina November 5, flying home, «spy» Whelan may get 20 years

Butina was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after pleaded guilty to trying to influence political decisions of the American officials and went on active cooperation with the investigation. In the court’s term entered the months that Maria Butina had already served under investigation. It is reported that, presumably it will be released and will be deported to Russia on 5 November this year.

Butina said NPR that the charges against her arose from a big misunderstanding, and she considers herself an activist, who aspired to be a «peacemaker» between the US and Russia.

«It was my goal all the way… I believe that the relations and their strength… depend on people, depend on what they called citizen diplomacy. Depend on people who have similar interests and common Hobbies… I have built an informal communication in the field of public diplomacy.»

Accused Michigan spy Paul Whelan to lawyers: I used BorgWarner work visa to get into Russia

BorgWarner helped Paul Whelan get into Russia by sponsoring a visa. He told his lawyers his arrest might be tied to politics involving U.S. sanctions. pic.twitter.com/IrPo3vpYIz

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Meanwhile, in a Russian prison continues to be Paul Whelan, who was arrested by intelligence services and accused of spying against Russia. At the time of his arrest late last year many experts, not very logical considering the charges against him, believed that he could be captured for sharing on Butino. Relatively soft for Butinai sentence aroused the hope that Whelan all too soon will be resolved for the better. However, while the trial of him there is no change. Under for espionage, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Recently his parents received a letter from him in which Whelan says that his arrest is revenge for the Kremlin introduced sanctions against Russia the United States. In Foreign Policy I suppose if that’s true, then it is a security risk for many other businessmen continuing to work in Russia.