The state Department ordered the partial evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Today, may 15, the state Department ordered the partial evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad (Iraq).

The administration , trump said that this is due to the threat posed by Iran, and the threat has led to an accelerated movement of American ships and bombers to the Persian Gulf.

The state Department ordered the Embassy staff in Baghdad and Consulate in Erbil «immediately» leave the country. The order applies mainly to diplomats sent to Iraq as the headquarters of the State Department in Washington (D. C.), and the statement of the Embassy says that as a result, visa services in Iraq will be suspended. Contractors who provide security, food and other similar services to the Embassy, will remain in place.

Last week, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the administration trump received intelligence related to «Iranian activities, which exposes us facilities and diplomatic corps at considerable risk». Other U.S. officials said that intelligence indicated a potential attack Shiites.

May 7, Pompeo paid a visit to Baghdad to inform Iraqi leaders about the threat.
Last Friday, the Pentagon said it is sending to the middle East another ship and missile batteries «Patriot».

Last fall the administration of President trump has accused Shia militants linked to Iran in the rocket attacks in Basra in southern Iraq.

Tensions with Iran rose in may 2018, when Donald trump withdrew the United States from the nuclear deal in 2015. In November last year, the United States resumed its main sanctions against Iran.

European countries are still involved in the nuclear deal and urged Iran to remain committed to her, despite the administration’s decision to trump.