Trump went to lunch with the Queen and laid flowers at the tomb of the unknown CODATA

Donald trump arrived in London to officially visit the Queen of great Britain. The US President met the cannon fire of the 41 guns, a guard of honor of the Queen’s guards and protests in Central London.

During the visit, trump and his wife Melania were invited to tea at Buckingham Palace: at lunch, the Royal family was represented by Queen’s son Charles and grandson Harry. Meghan Markle left the house, she still comes out since the baby was born.

After tea the Queen showed us his collection of artifacts. After lunch the family of the Trumps of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, laid flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Westminster Abbey.

The visit has given social media users a lot of topics for discussion. First attention was attracted by the handshake of the President and Queen: some noted that from the side it looked as if the heads of state bumped fists, «real gangsters». Then, however, there were still shaking, though slightly strange — trump, known for its fierce grip, only barely touched the fingertips of Elizabeth.

Fashion experts are much more interested in the First lady. In their chosen to visit the outfit of the experts saw the similarity with the images of the late Princess Diana and now wonder if it was a coincidence or a deliberate tribute to lady Di?

Prince Harry spent most of the visit to side not counting the conversation with the President’s daughter, Ivanka, he tried to avoid the Trumps — which inevitably brings to mind the recent scandal with Meghan Markle. In an interview before the visit to Britain, trump called husband Harry, known for his criticism in his address, «nasty», but then denied that so ever said.