Russian official said that Iran «will not be alone» in the event of a US attack

Special representative of Russian President on Afghanistan, Director of Second Asia Department of the foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov said that Iran «won’t be alone» if the United States decides to launch a military strike against the country.

«Iran will stand in any fight such a plan and Iran is not alone,» said Kabulov, the Russian-Iranian political forum.

Answering the question whether Russia is ready to support Iran if the US attacked, Kabulov said that «concrete action is a question for the Russian President.»

«But it’s not just Russia, many other countries sympathetic to Iran», — quotes the special envoy of the Russian newspaper «Kommersant». «Tehran won’t be alone if the US, God forbid, would take against him the wild and irresponsible actions».

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also said that Moscow will try to convince the US and Iran to begin a «civilized» dialogue.

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«This, of course, implies the cessation of the [us] policy of ultimatums, sanctions and blackmail,» Lavrov said at another briefing later on Wednesday, June 27.

Earlier this week Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia and its partners will take steps to counter new sanctions, which Washington imposes against Iran, but did not specify what it will be.