A mother from new Jersey allegedly strangled a 17-month-old son cleaning cloth, because it interfered with her relationship on the side

The court in new Jersey have charged a 41-year-old Heather Reynolds in the murder of his 17-month-old son. Presumably, she strangled the kid Axl, because he considered it an obstacle to extra-marital relationships. She was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and obstructing arrest in connection with the death of the child in may 2018.

In may last year, Reynolds shouting ran out of the house carrying in his arms the lifeless body of his son Axel. She asked neighbors to call 911, and seemed heartbroken. Rescuers found the baby with bruises on the body, from which came a strong smell of alcohol, and moved signs of a cold. His mother claimed that the son probably accidentally drank something toxic.

The examiner, however, was convinced that the child’s face pressed alcohol-soaked cleaning cloth, cutting him completely in the Airways, nose and mouth. Axel died of asphyxiation.

Although the medical examiner said the child’s death is very suspicious a year ago, the investigation took a while to gather clues, evidence and press charges. On Tuesday, Reynolds officially charged in the death of his son.

The court submitted text messages found on her phone. Correspondence with the woman’s boyfriend argued that Reynolds was having an affair while her husband worked in another city. According to the testimony, the defendant said that the youngest child becomes an obstacle in her relationship with her boyfriend and complained that he was losing interest in her. On the night of his son’s death Reynolds had used methamphetamine, the police found remnants of it in her wallet.

Mother Axel pleaded not guilty on any of the charges. The lawyer of the defendant insists that his client «has suffered greatly as a result of the investigation» in addition, her husband died six months after my son. The prosecution, by contrast, argues that the woman committed the brutal murder of a helpless baby.

Heather Reynolds studied medicine at the University of Florida and psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, she worked as a therapist in child guidance. At Reynolds, there are two eldest sons. The woman will remain behind bars until trial.

If Reynolds is found guilty, she faces life in prison.