Ilhan Omar admitted that the story about the grandma who stole bread for $2 to feed a family, fiction

A member of the house of representatives Ilhan Omar admitted that she could not embellish the story, which she told the older students to show racial and economic disparities in the country.

«I grew up in a very unjust society, and the only thing that worried my family when I came to the United States, is — will the USA as the country, which would guarantee justice for all — as the beginning of his speech in front of 400 students of Richfield High School Congresswoman. — Therefore I consider necessary to tell about this promise was not fulfilled.»

Omar told the students that 5 years ago, she worked in the municipal Council of Minneapolis, where he dealt with problems in court. There she met «a sweet, elderly lady-the African-American» who was arrested for stealing a loaf of bread cost $2. According to the politician, the woman committed this desperate act in order to feed her «hungry 5-year-old granddaughter».

According to Congresswoman woman was fined $80 fine, which she couldn’t pay.

«I couldn’t control their emotions — continued Omar, because I couldn’t understand how образованныt the people in this room could do something so unfair.»

But the Washington Post questioned the veracity of this story.

«City officials said that police are not allowed to arrest people for shoplifting, if there is no evidence of violence or of a new crime. Typically, shoplifters are sentenced to attend three-hour classes,» — reported in the Post.

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Omar told the newspaper that perhaps she was wrong in some details of the case.

«She’s been arrested before. I’m not sure… — said Omar. — Details may not match, but that’s what I remember.»

Even more doubt is the fact that the story of Omar echoes the plot of the film «Les Miserables», filmed on the book by Victor Hugo.