The city Council of San Francisco called the National rifle Association of the United States «domestic terrorist organization»

The city Council of San Francisco officially recognized the National rifle Association USA (NRA), fighting for possession of a weapon, «domestic terrorist organization».

On Tuesday, September 3, members of the Board San Francisco has been unanimously condemned by the most influential group on the protection of the rights to gun ownership in the United States. This statement follows the shooting festival garlic Gilroy, South of the city, where in July, three people were killed.

The resolution States that the United States «suffer from the epidemic of violence with a weapon». The Council also accused the NRA of using «wealth and organizational strength to promote the weapons possession and incitement of gun owners to acts of violence.»

«In all countries there are cruel and hate humans, but only in America we give them free access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, largely due to the influence of the National rifle Association», — is spoken in the resolution.

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In response, the NRA called it a «ridiculous stunt», the purpose of which is to distract the inhabitants «from the real problems facing San Francisco, such as a natural homelessness, drug abuse and the rapid growth of petty crime.»

The bill also encourages the city and County to review its relations with companies that do business with the NRA.