The Department of homeland security, the United States recognized white nationalism is the main terrorist threat

DHS (Department of Homeland Security — DHS) officially recognized the terrorism of supporters of white supremacy a major threat to national security in the United States — the threat from within.

Friday, 20 September, acting Secretary of DHS Kevin Macalino unveiled a new strategy of the Ministry of the fight against terrorism, which first focuses on countering the threat of white nationalism.

«The continued threat of violent extremism on racial grounds, in particular by the supporters of white supremacy, is a heinous insult to our nation, the struggle and the unity of its diverse population, and to the fundamental values of our society and our Department,» said Macalino.

DHS was created after the September 11 attacks, and since then its counter-terrorism strategy was mainly focused on the threat from foreign groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda. Thus for the first time in the history of the Agency, his focus has shifted.

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Although protecting the country from foreign terrorist attacks is the primary mission of DHS, Macalino said that the recent mass shootings «have prompted the Department of homeland security to expand its counter-terrorism mission.»

The revised strategy States that DHS will seek to better analyze the nature and magnitude of the threat of domestic terror and share information with local law enforcement to help prevent terrorist attacks.