The former head of the Trump Organization believes that trump will resign to avoid impeachment

Sunday, October 6, the former head of the Trump Organization said that, in her opinion, the US President Donald trump will resign or «to conclude some kind of deal» before the House of representatives to start impeachment proceedings.

«He does a lot of things to save face,» said Barbara RES, former Vice-President of the rump Organization, Reliable Sources.

Former Trump Organization Construction Engineer Res Barbara says she thinks the President will “leave office, he’ll resign or make some kind of a deal depending on what comes out” because he does not want to be impeached.

— Reliable Sources (@ReliableSources) October 6, 2019

RES, which stated that it «may be wrong», said that she believed trump doesn’t want to go down in history as the President who brought to justice.

«It would be very, very, very bad for him to be prosecuted… I don’t know if he was found guilty, but I know he doesn’t want to be held accountable. I think this is the this panic. And my intuition tells me that he will leave his post, he would resign. Or even conclude some sort of deal, depending on what happens.»

RES opposed the trump before the election of 2016, accusing it of poor treatment of women and calling it «sexist of the highest degree.»

Trump was under investigation in the case of impeachment in connection with a phone call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, where he appealed for help in the investigation against the former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son hunter.

Trump said that his call with Zelensky was «perfect». According to the President of Ukraine, he felt no pressure from the White house.