A man in a rage began to shoot at the ceiling to quiet the noisy neighbors – and got shot in the face

After unsuccessful attempts to appease neighbors angry resident of the Phoenix (state of Arizona) fired several shots into the ceiling. The last bullet hit him in the face.

Night on Sunday, police responded to a call of an apartment building on Baseline Road and 36th Street in Phoenix. At the scene officers found a man with a gunshot wound to the face.

After interviewing witnesses the police said that the man was angry with the neighbors above, who roared loudly around midnight. He tried to talk to them, but to no avail.

«He knocked on the door of the neighbors, shouted to them, — told the police Sergeant in Phoenix Vince Lewis. — He then returned to his apartment, pointing a gun toward the ceiling and fired several shots. The last bullet somehow hit him in the face. The other was not injured in this incident.»

The shooter was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. The investigation is ongoing, but no charges not yet filed.

Unintentional incidents amount to 1.3% of firearm deaths and 18% of injuries from it, according to Giffords Law Center. The majority of incidents involve people under 24.

According to statistics, young people are more likely to be accidentally shot by someone else, and the elderly are more likely to accidentally shoot yourself.

So, for example, last Wednesday, 63-year-old man from Michigan accidentally shot himself in the face while hunting a raccoon. The victim managed to walk to a nearby house to call for help. It is expected that the man will survive.