Intelligence chief of Taiwan claims that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is «ill»

Thursday, April 30, the chief of intelligence of Taiwan said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is «sick.» According to him, the country has a plan in case of a possible power struggle in the event of his death.

Chiu Kuo-Cheng, Director of the national security Bureau (NSB), gave vague comments about the health of the head of the DPRK, when asked the government about the rumors about possible death of Kim Jong-UN, reports Taiwan News.

The report States that he just laughed and refused to answer when asked whether that meant that the leader was indeed alive.

«My response is based on available information, not opinion,» said Chiu.

He refused to elaborate, citing the need to protect the sources of the intelligence service in North Korea, the report said.

According to Chiu, plans for contingencies prepared for a potential struggle for power in the region if North Korea’s leader dies.

However, his Deputy, Hu Mu-yuan later insisted that their investigation «was not able to confirm the state of health of Kim Jong-UN». This is stated in the Taiwan News.

«From what we know, Kim still directs and controls the armed forces of North Korea and its government,» said Hu.

Earlier, North Korean media has provided a letter from Kim Jong-UN as proof that he’s still alive.