US election 2020: Biden ahead of Trump

US election 2020: Biden ahead of Trump

The fierce election race, which took place amid massive protests across the country and the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives, is drawing to a close.

According to preliminary estimates from the Associated Press, former Vice President Joe Biden is ahead of incumbent leader Donald Trump with 223 electoral votes — and 59,538,485 American votes.

Trump, in turn, won a victory in Iowa — which already guaranteed

Opponents are still in a fierce battle for 29 electoral votes in Florida (where Trump leads with 51% of the vote), 9 votes in Colorado (where Biden leads with 56%), 11 votes in Arizona, 16 votes in Georgia, 16 votes in Michigan and 10 — in Minnesota. Currently, sites are closed in all states except Alaska.

The Democrats are also predicted to retain control of the House of Representatives. In the Senate elections, Republicans lead with 45 seats (51 are needed for the majority).

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