US closes airspace to all Russian aircraft

US closes airspace to all Russian aircraft

Addressing the annual speech to Congress &#34 ;On the state of the country", the US President, first of all, touched upon the topic of Russia’s war against Ukraine. In particular, he stated that the United States was closing airspace to Russian aircraft. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

The United States will close the skies to Russia

The ban will take effect on March 3.

Joe Biden has closed the airspace for Russian flights US closes airspace to all Russian aircraft

"Tonight we will join our allies and We will close US airspace to all Russian aircraft. This will further isolate Russia and increase pressure on its economy," — said the president.

According to Biden, 6 days ago Vladimir Putin wanted to shake the foundations of the whole world, thinking that it would bend to his goals, but he miscalculated.

"He thought that he would take Ukraine, but was faced with the fact that what I did not expect — with the rebuff of the Ukrainian people. His courage and determination are an example to all of us. We in the United States support the people of Ukraine, and Putin is now isolated from the outside world more than ever," — said the US President.

He also noted that, together with his allies, he would introduce new sanctions against Russia. Some banks are already disconnected from SWIFT. The Central Bank has no way to save the ruble from falling. The United States is doing everything to weaken not only the military, but also the technical base of the aggressor country.

"We understand that the Ukrainians will fight courageously, but if Putin achieves anything on the battlefield, he will pay a strategic price for it. At the end of this story it will be clear that he weakened Russia," — Biden emphasized. "We see the unity of Europe, a united West. The world chooses peace and security. Putin may be throwing tanks at Ukraine, but he will never be able to win the hearts and souls of Ukrainians, and will not save the world from decisive action."

The Russian ruble has already lost a third of its value, and the stock market has sank by 40%. Russia's economy is faltering and only its president is to blame. A special group will work under the US Department of Justice to investigate the crimes of Russian oligarchs. Together with its allies, America will find and confiscate their luxury yachts, private planes and apartments.

Canada and EU countries previously closed the airspace to Russia. In response, Putin also closed the skies to several dozen states. In addition, Western countries introduced tough sanctions against the Russian Federation, which included large banks, imported products, Russian officials and businessmen, as well as Vladimir Putin himself.

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