Who is leading in the US election race?

Who is leading in the US election race?

The election campaign continues in the United States of America. The incumbent currently trails Donald Trump in 6 of 7 swing states. There are those where a certain political factor has already developed, for example California, where Democrats are in the lead, and Florida, where votes are predominant for Republicans. In such states, it makes no sense for an opponent to fight for voters.

But there are 7 states in which the votes between parties differ slightly — by some 1-2%. Each of the US presidential candidates is competing for the attention of voters. They go there with performances, place banners and advertisements. At the moment, Donald Trump is the leader in 6 of 7 such states, but is behind Joe Biden in collecting donations: $90 million versus 60 million in March. By the way, the same situation arose in 2016 and then Trump was not prevented from winning by the fact that Hillary Clinton raised more money than him.

Who is leading in the US election race?Who is leading in the US election race?photo: vanityfair.com

The ratings are easy to explain. During the 4 years of Joe Biden's presidency, many events negatively affected his reputation. Let's start with the Afghan crisis, during which the United States left the territory of Afghanistan, leaving behind weapons and Afghans who collaborated with the United States. Add in rising inflation, which has remained incredibly high since the start of Biden's presidency, and an immigration crisis in which the number of illegal immigrants at the border with Mexico has exceeded the total under Barack Obama and Donald Trump combined.

Joe Biden's approval rating is strong collapsed, with the Democrats again nominating him for the presidency. Statistically, he has a better chance of winning than any of the party's new nominees. In addition, the Democrats are more of a party and not a specific leader, which cannot be said about the Republicans. Donald Trump is the strongest representative of his party, who has a huge army of admirers throughout America. He leads his party as a leader and no one else is simply considered by the Republicans.

Who is leading in the US election race?Who is leading in the US election race?photo: bbci.co.uk

Many do not support Biden, considering him the face of the bureaucracy in the States. All he did was raise taxes, increase the national debt and did not respond properly to what was happening in the country. As for Trump, at one time he closed access to databases and connections for former CIA employees so that they could not use them for personal purposes after leaving work. As president, Trump sought services from private companies rather than from the "bureaucratic machine" CIA. This scheme began to be copied in other countries.

One thing is clear: passions around the election race are heating up, and there are still 7 months ahead, during which a lot can change. At the same time, the overall picture is already emerging.

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