City, where you can buy real estate with bitcoin

City, where you can buy real estate with bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has become a global phenomenon.

Many believe that bitcoin is designed with the highest level of security and anonymity, will become the replacement for paper money. Some sectors of the economy, including real estate – have already started to work with bitcoins. The trend is rapidly gaining momentum. Here are five citieswhere you can buy a house for digital currency.

City, where you can buy real estate with bitcoin

Miami, Florida

As reported by the Miami Herald, recently a resident of Florida sold his house in Coral Gables for 1600 BTC (more than $ 6 million).

Realtors are convinced that South Florida (especially Miami) is a perfect market for bitcoin transactions. In their opinion, the use of alternative forms of payment opens the door to buyers from Asia, Canada, South America and so on.

New York

Some investors and real estate agents in the Big Apple also believe that the future is bitcoin. The company Magnum Real Estate risk one of the first reports Mapop global. For the cryptocurrency it sells apartment in East Village, Manhattan.

New York, say realtors, an ideal platform for bitcoins, since it is a city entrepreneur who is not afraid to take risks. While with bitcoin you can buy only the dwelling, but only a matter of time when offices and other commercial buildings will follow suit.

Lake Tahoe, California

A popular vacation spot, Lake Tahoe is also accepting bitcoins. An anonymous buyer bought the property for 1.4 acres of land for $ 1.6 million (275 BTC).

And even though buying it for the cryptocurrency was the initiative of the client, not the seller, the transaction still took place, indicating that the potential of the digital currency in the region, writes Realtybiznews.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The United States is not the only country that benefits from cryptocurrencies. Developer Knox Group of Companies has recently announced plans for the construction of housing in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Studio apartments can be purchased for 33 BTC, and one-bedroom apartments over 54 BTC (about 250 thousand dollars). By the way, some of the apartments already sold out, so if you want to have a property in Dubai, this is your chance.

Bali, Indonesia

It would seem that Indonesia is not the first country you think of in connection with the cryptocurrency, but the fact remains. A buyer purchased a Villa in Bali for 86 BTC (about 500 thousand dollars), and it was one of the first bitcoin transactions in real estate since the advent of the cryptocurrency.