A mysterious American graves

A mysterious American graves

There is a great story about the United States. Long ago it was. Even a very long time. In 1793 in the state of Indiana in an ordinary family, spouses Kerlin was born a girl called Nancy. When she was just 14 years old, she married 22-year-old William Barnett — great-great-great-grandson of the same Pocahontas (as you know Pocahontas married Englishman John Rolfe and they had a son. Here a descendant of the son and was Nancy’s husband). In marriage the couple had 11 children, which was quite commonplace in those days. The first of December of 1831 at the age of 38 years, Nancy died — which is not was something special.

But then begins the most amazing story. Buried the woman in her favorite spot — a small hill that had a beautiful view, the local called this place Sugar Greek. A little later, near Nancy buried more and more people… and so on, the place became a small cemetery. Then the burial occurred spontaneously and no one was bespoken. But the state has gradually introduced more new laws, and one of them was the ordering of the cemeteries. In Indiana, it was decided to collect a small burial together to have one large and orderly cemetery with numbered graves authorities seemed more logical than a bunch of small and unrecorded. And here in the very place where they were buried, Nancy decided to pave the road, and her grave, like those who were buried next to move to the side.

A mysterious American graves

Nancy’s husband survived her by 23 years, and drowned in 1854.

The authorities, however, did not take into account that all children are Nancy by the time all grown up and got their children, which also flowed the blood of Pocahontas. One of the daughters, Nancy, that after the mother was called, had married nine children, among them were Daniel Doty. His grandmother, Daniel had never seen — he was born thirteen years after her death. And the mother, his own mother didn’t remember when she died, she was only seven months. However, the grave Daniel decided octoate. Local authorities, he said — will take the grave over my dead body! And aggressively shook a gun. The yard was the end of the 19th century. Authorities this behavior is not liked and they decided to put the squeeze on stubborn grandson. But there it was. In the end, the graves that were located near graves Nancy — moved, and Nasinu left. Moreover, 8 April 1912 it was closed by a concrete plate to make sure nothing happened.

Now it is the burial site known as «the grave in the middle of the road»… It is considered a historical site. Daniel died in 1934. Not found sorry, the moment when the grave of his grandmother noted on the maps of Indiana as a special place.

A mysterious American graves

If you liked the story about Nancy and her grandson, I’ll tell you another. Short, but also, if not instructive, it is very revealing. For such only history can love the USA and Americans once and for all.

And again it was a… In 1888. And eighth of August. That is, 8-8-1888. On this day, somewhere in Oklahoma for railroad construction died in a normal working William Rankin. He helped with the laying of railway tracks in a northerly direction from the city of Buffalo. His family was far away. And colleagues William decided once William died when he laid the road around it and it should be buried, not near the cemetery, show so respect for what he did. And buried. Railway Board knocked name, a cross with two crossed bolts built, and in General all burial made from scrap materials that was used in the construction. And the grave became part of the railway.

A mysterious American gravesfacebook/Marina Sokolovskaya

And no it never touched, only the sinker sometimes change there gloves Yes leave flowers.

Anyone interested can reach — grave is about two and one forth mile north of Bison, Oklahoma on County N2870 Rd.