How to profitably sell real estate: a little trick

How to profitably sell real estate: a little trick

Color is an important tool in marketing. It has long been observed that the demand for the same items of different colors may differ significantly. It turns out that this applies not only to retail goods, but also to real estate.

32 after analyzing thousands of photos of houses sold and their cost, the experts of the trading platforms Zillow came to the conclusion that selecting specific colors in the design of the interior and of the facade, can be sold for a lot more money for your property.

It’s hard to believe, but the right shade can increase the cost up to $5.5.

According to the observations of Zillow, the winning option is a bathroom in blue tones. This color scheme makes any real $5 440 more expensive.

In second place — beige in the kitchen: this tone will automatically increase the price by $4 035.

Slate blue or gray wall in the dining room like customers more than white — they are willing to pay more for their preferences to $1 926.

In the design of the bedroom before selling it is necessary to add blue tones will bring a bonus of $1 856.

Another secret bargain — living room in brown and beige tones which makes the house $1 926 more expensive.

The color of the facade is also of great importance. For ecru home buyers willing to pay $3 496 more than the brown and dark blue front door adds to the cost an average of $1 514.