New York, breaking records for the construction of affordable housing

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New York set a new record for the creation and preservation of affordable housing: in 2017, the year it was built and renovated more than 24.5 thousand apartments.

Official statistics mayor bill de Blasio announced Tuesday, January 16. The previous record of 23.1 thousand apartments — was set back in 1989.

A high figure for affordable housing is undoubtedly one of the merits of the current mayor, declared this segment is one of priority directions of its work.

Last year in social housing has invested more than $1 billion, mostly in the renovation and reconstruction of buildings. In addition, the city has built 7.3 thousand new apartments.

The rent is almost half of the available housing in new York is maintained at a level accessible to a person with an income of about $33.4 K per year or family (3 persons) with an income of about $43 thousand.

Over the past four years the city has retained and created more than 87,5 thousand units of affordable housing.