$1 million has fined two landlords for the surrender of apartments in Manhattan

The government of new York wrote Mine Girgis and Sylvia Pataks, who passed in Manhattan real estate using the service Airbnb, a fine of $1 million.

The investigation into this case began in 2014 when city officials presented the hapless landlords claims about the illegal operation of hotels. The fact that they were renting several apartments in Manhattan, while according to the decision of Governor Andrew Cuomo renting of apartments to rent in the state was banned and in the attempt to earn through Airbnb began to issue serious fines.

In response, Girgis and Pataks hired lawyers to help them resolve the conflict with the authorities. The defendants claimed to have rented the apartment legally, paying taxes on the received income. The solution of the state banning the rental of apartments for rent they consider contrary to Federal law and impede entrepreneurial activities.

However, a fine of $1 million, not a record in new York. On more usedongreater amount — $1.2 million — were fined the owner of the entrance of the four houses, who passed all their apartments through Airbnb.

Airbnb is an online platform for posting, searching and short-term rental of private housing around the world. Airbnb users have the opportunity to take travelers to rent their homes in whole or in part in 65 thousand cities in the 191 countries of the world. Since inception in August 2008 with the help of this resource found housing more than 150 million people.