Elon Musk is going to solve the housing crisis at the expense of cheap bricks

A famous billionaire and inventor Elon Musk, who founded companies such as SpaceX, Tesla Inc. and The Company Boring, it never ceases to amaze people.

In March, the businessman has hinted at the fact that he was going to engage in the production of building materials, namely bricks. However, specific details were not made public. Now, Musk has announced much more ambitious plans: to overcome the housing crisis and reduce the cost of the new property in the United States.

To achieve its objectives, the businessman plans due to cheap bricks. They will be produced from construction waste, which is produced during the digging of underground tunnels by the Boring Company. This firm will have to focus on creating ultra-light, durable and very cheap bricks. At the same time to connect between themselves, they will be almost all the details of LEGO.

According to Elon musk, the material for the manufacture of bricks will abound. He is confident that a significant reduction of prices on the construction products may entail the reduction of the cost of new housing.

At the same time, many experts are skeptical towards this idea. According to them, the main factors determining the price in real estate, the cost of land and labor. Building materials allegedly unable to significantly reduce the cost of construction.

Another reason why the plan Elon musk can expect failure are frequent earthquakes in California. Because of this, developers try not to use the bricks in large-scale construction in the region, because the material is easily destroyed in the cataclysm of this kind.

Musk does not agree with the latter argument and said that his company will create a completely new kind of bricks which will be much stronger and more resistant to earthquakes. In addition, the market for «cheap bricks» is not planned to limit only one Golden state.

Regarding the small impact of the cost of construction materials on the final price of the property, the businessman yet didn’t say anything.