7 seats in a block of flats, where it is better not to live

As we know, nothing perfect in the world. This statement is true can be applied to our housing. In the apartment there is always a flaw or an irritant, whether it is noisy neighbours, a leaking roof or cold walls. However, in every house there are places where life is given a particularly complex and problematic.

7 seats in a block of flats, where it is better not to live


Under the roof of the house

Of course, in a new building, every person has the right to expect dryness and comfort, but with time in such housing inevitably arises the problem of a leaking roof. In rare cases, fails to remedy the defect quickly and efficiently, but more often residents of this apartment have months to deal with this inconvenience.

The necessity of performance of repair work on the roof of the building and inside the housing is almost guaranteed. Separate matter — if at you is a swimming pool. Then the possibility of flooding of gaining really dangerous probability percentage.

7 seats in a block of flats, where it is better not to live


Next to the Elevator shaft

Many believe that living in the vicinity of the Elevator is convenient and practical. That’s just staying in this apartment, as a rule, find that the noise and vibration during its operation — an unbearable thing. At night be prepared to hear, as she comes home tipsy neighbor, and at 5 am, an elderly lady goes to walk his dog. The reason it all you will hear is simple: in the quiet time of the day every little noise sounds clearly, and the Elevator behind the wall will resemble the movement of the paver.

7 seats in a block of flats, where it is better not to live


About garbage

Another place, near which it is better not to dwell. The first reason is similar to the previous paragraph because people, whose wall is attached trash chute, regularly complain of extraneous noise. Of course, they arise in the moment when someone throws it waste. Agree to think about it every time behind the wall you hear a distinctive sound — not the most pleasant experience.

In addition, over time, from the chute begins to assume a specific «flavor», and in the process of leaving his apartment a man will inhale this smell.

7 seats in a block of flats, where it is better not to live


The first floor

Often apartments on the ground floor are sold at attractive prices. Besides, someone might think that the location of housing is quite convenient: no need to overcome several floors up and do the same path back. That’s only in most homes in such apartments can hear the noise from the street, even if you have good soundproofing. And, of course, nobody canceled the vibrations from a passing transport and walks suspicious persons under your Windows.

In addition to this, it was on the first floor will very much be felt, odors, and in the case of the flooding of the basement is above it the apartment will get the most.

7 seats in a block of flats, where it is better not to live


Windows in a court yard

Here the situation is controversial. It often happens that the yard is a true oasis of peace and quiet. However, this is only the case if the territory does not use for its own purposes any Chinese cafe, whose back entrance in all its glory will appear before your Windows.

In this case, when viewing the apartment to pay attention to the neighboring building, with whom you will share the yard, and if no problems are found, we can safely move in.

7 seats in a block of flats, where it is better not to live


Next to the technical room

Given the diversity of the design of apartment buildings in the United States, this room can be located anywhere: in the basement, on the roof or somewhere on the middle floors. In the tech room often is equipment such as boilers, industrial air conditioners, pumps and more. All this high risk area.

Plus, this equipment can cause a lot of noise, especially if it is not new and has already been subjected to repeated repairs. Vibration from the operation also add to the list of problems.

7 seats in a block of flats, where it is better not to live


Close stair opening

Remember the housing situation near the Elevator shaft? There is not so dramatic, however there is a high probability that the loud steps running down the stairs children you will hear as if they are in your home. Especially this sin of the old building with wooden staircases. Their squeaking becomes annoying problem, which is practically impossible to handle.

Of course, all of these places in each apartment building are different from each other. The main thing is to remind real estate professionals, is to check all possible factors of discomfort, so you do not have to regret your choice.