To rent a room through Airbnb in Chicago cheaper than rent a hotel room

To rent a room through Airbnb in Chicago cheaper than rent a hotel room

According to research by Airbnb, to rent a room in Chicago via the website, is 64% cheaperthan to rent a room in one of the hotels in the city.

On Thursday, the website of short-term rentals issued a report which shows that the average cost of renting a room (or apartment) through Airbnb in Chicago on the 4th of July this year will be 103,84 dollarat a time, as the cost of an average hotel room is 291 dollar per night.

To rent a room through Airbnb in Chicago cheaper than rent a hotel room

Airbnb published a report in response to opposition from a «major hotel chains», which, according to the company statement, «are against people who share their houses, because they want to continue to control the real estate market to affect the prices, raising them.» (Airbnb prices set by the owners).

The company said that can give you enough examples to compare the cost of renting a house for the summer in the area of a particular location.

In response to the statement of the American hotel Association said that prices are formed in the network based on demand and Yes, they are higher in summer because of higher demand. In addition, hotels usually face a lot of rules and required standards, the achievement of which requires additional costs.

The difference lies in the fact, said the Association, which occurs when some extraordinary event (like a national holiday – the independence Day), and the network revenues of hotels increasing, legal entity working with the real estate, subject to the zoning regulations and safety, pay its full share of the tax invoice to support their areas. But Airbnb does not.

Recall that in Chicago, Airbnb is facing serious opposition from the city authorities, expressed in the gradual prohibition of the use of the site in certain areas of the city, the tax rate increase, etc. However, the company reported that this year on the weekend before July 4th in Chicago booked no less than 358 15 nights, 35% morethan the same holiday weekend last year.