In the building of the Oculus, the most expensive train station in the world worth $32 million, the roof leaks

As reported Sunday by the Wall Street Journal, rubber seal sliding glass roof the transportation hub Oculus exploded, causing the building’s roof started to leak.

According to the Port authority of new York and new Jersey, which owns the territory of the world trade center, cause problems with the gasket could be re-opening glass roof during last year’s anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, the Oculus is designed to allow sunlight to cross the floor of the structure. The glass roof, whose construction cost $32 million and contains 224 glass fragment 40 panels, opened every year on 11 September at 10:28, that is, at the same time, in 2001 when the North Tower fell.

This winter, the port authority spent $30 thousand, closing the leak with sealant. But, according to the WSJ, last week, the building is again beginning to flow.

Calatrava’s original design assumed that both sides of the roof will be open for 50 feet to resemble a flapping bird’s wings. But because of the huge cost of construction (final cost Oculus $3.9 billion) this idea had to be abandoned.

Chris ward, Executive Director Port authority of new York and new Jersey, told the WSJ: «Obviously unfortunate that the glass roof is damaged. But this problem pales in comparison with the savings we have achieved, and rejecting the opening and closing of the entire structure of Calatrava».

Management plans to replace rubber seal glass roof this summer before the next opening of the building on 11 September. At the moment, the cost of the repair leaking roof is unknown.