Social media shock: groom sold his house to give the bride the perfect wedding ring diamond

A bride who said that her fiance had sold the house to buy her «perfect» engagement ring with diamond, made fun of Internet users who claim that her jewelry is more like jewelry.

Monday, July 22, an unidentified woman from the United States posted a photo of his ring of enormous size in the shape of a flower in the band «That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming». Anticipating scepticism, the future bride said: «Yes, it is real and custom».

Social media shock: groom sold his house to give the bride the perfect wedding ring diamondA photo of wedding rings with «diamonds». Source: facebook

«We sold our house to buy the perfect ring. This is purple diamond, pay attention,» said the American, who did not disclose his name.

Social media users were not happy with outrageous wedding rings, indicating that it is more like jewelry, and especially not worth for him to sell the house.

«Why have you sold your house because of the ring? — wrote one user. Not to mention the ring you like from fairy costume».

«You can return home? Damn. What a mess,» added another.

Users also commented on the color of the bride’s finger.

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«I think your finger allergic reaction to this mess,» he made fun of someone. Other support this theme: «it’s Like the ring of a child, which put on hand for photo trolling?»

Later, the woman jokingly responded to a question about the truth of her story: «It is really so! We paid over 20 thousand dollars for this ring!!! Diamonds weighing 17 carats directly from the mines of Colorado».

Then she added: «People really think that I sold my house… to get engaged with this ring that I really took to Frankie’s Fun Park».