The power outage in new York city: tens of thousands of people still without electricity

Thousands of customers of Con Edison in new York and surrounding areas as of early Monday morning, July 22, still without electricity, while in the state reigns extreme heat.

According to the map of the outages, Con Ed, 19 929 clients in the five boroughs of new York city and Westchester County continue to face intermittent light about 6:30 Monday morning.

On Sunday evening, the problems with electricity was at 52 000 customers.

Most of the outages are still concentrated in Brooklyn, where Con Ed has specifically disabled more than 30,000 customers Sunday night in order to repair the network where there were interruptions in the work, thereby to avoid even greater outages.

A press-the Secretary Con Ed confirmed that the first Sunday of the outage were associated with the overheating of the networks.

As of 5:40 a.m. Monday, at about 15 200 clients there is no electricity in Brooklyn (Sunday the figure was more than 35 000 people).

«The system in some parts of Brooklyn are under serious load, and some equipment is out of order,» wrote the new York mayor bill De Blasio on Twitter.

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In Queens in the dark for almost 5 900 customers Con Ed in Manhattan – 428, in the Bronx — all 41 customer. On Staten island outages there, but Sunday evenings without electricity were more than 1,000 clients.

Brooklyn residents temporarily urged not to use energy intensive appliances: washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, air conditioners (unless necessary for health reasons).

If you have no electricity, lower the blinds or close the curtains to reduce the temperature in the room.