Purchase of commercial real estate: main stages

Purchase of commercial real estate: main stages check. Otherwise, you can buy a distressed asset that will not bring profit, will become a burden for the owner. If you are interested in free-use commercial real estate in Moscow, you can choose the best option on the website https://msk.etagi.com/commerce/svobodnoe-naznachenie/of the Etazhi agency. It is also useful to study the stages of such transactions in advance.

Selecting and evaluating an object

First of all, a potential buyer should decide on the purpose of the object. Real estate can be purchased for oneself (for a warehouse, office, new production) or to receive passive income from renting out.

Once the buyer has decided on the purpose of the purchase, it is important to study the status of the object.

On In the commercial real estate market, there are two options:

  • With a certificate of ownership. Transactions with such objects are executed by analogy with apartments under sales contracts.
  • No proof of ownership. This group includes non-capital construction projects that have not been commissioned. In this case, the purchase is made by registering a co-investment agreement.
  • Checking the object

    Since 2017, all data on residential and non-residential buildings can be obtained from the USRN (Unified State Register of Real Estate). This is very convenient, because the extract gives complete information about the object. The body combines the cadastral registration of real estate in Russia and the registration of property rights to it. The main information that can be obtained from the extract:

    • cadastral number and value of the object;
    • name (address, purpose, parameters);
    • owner data (full name, type and date of registration of property rights, grounds, etc.);
    • graphic plan;
    • encumbrances (presence/absence).

    An extract from the USRN allows you to find out information about the premises and the owner. It is important to get the current version of the document immediately before signing the contract. Otherwise, you may run into trouble. A competent assessment of real estate and the owner will help eliminate the risk of losing funds and premises.

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