A dwarf from Ukraine pretended to be a child and threatened to kill her foster family

A dwarf from Ukraine pretended to be a child and threatened to kill her foster family

May 29 on Investigation Discovery will release a documentary in three parts "The Curious Story of Natalia Grace". In the trailer, the adoptive father of a midget from Ukraine sobs and beats his hands on the floor, claiming that his family was deceived, and he himself became a victim. The adopted daughter with skeletal pathologies turned out to be not a child, but an adult woman. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

A dwarf from Ukraine threatened to kill her adopted family

Problems began almost immediately after the adoption of the "girl".

Who is Natalia Grace really? A dwarf from Ukraine pretended to be a child and threatened to kill her foster family

Michael Barnett vomits and mosques , telling on camera what horrors his family had to go through. With wife Kristina, he adopted Natalya on April 26, 2010, believing he was taking home a 6-year-old child. A year later, the couple became suspicious. The "girl" she was menstruating, she had teeth like an adult, and she did not at all bother to play with other children. In addition, she began to behave aggressively.

In 2012, the Barnetts went to court, which ruled that Natalia Grace was not 9 years old, but 23 years old. And she was born not in 2003, as stated, but in 1989. In addition to bone problems that caused difficulty breathing and walking, she was also diagnosed with mental disorders. Having settled with foster parents in the state of Indiana, the Ukrainian woman began to threaten to slaughter their biological children — three sons.

"She tried to poison and kill my wife," complains Michael in the trailer for the upcoming film. "And one day I woke up and saw that Natalia was standing by my bed with a knife in her hands!"

A dwarf from Ukraine pretended to be a child and threatened to kill her foster family

According to one of the couple's sons, Jake, he didn't feel safe around "sister". The parents decided to go to Canada, where their son was supposed to go to college, and leave Grace in Indiana, renting her an apartment and leaving food coupons. Natalya went to the police and upon returning to the USA, Michael and Christina were arrested for leaving a "child" to the mercy of fate.

In their defense, the couple stated that they had been deceived and that they had become victims of a Ukrainian sociopath. Karlitsa had to take care of herself for 3 years, despite the fact that she had problems with walking. Despite the official change of documents, according to which Natalia was an adult, the authorities blamed the Barnetts, because, being a dwarf, she was heavily dependent on their care. It was then that all the details of her behavior in the foster family surfaced.

"We were afraid to fall asleep because Natalia stood over us with a knife at night. We hid all sharp objects from her. One day I noticed her putting bleach in my coffee and I asked her what she was doing? To which she replied: "Trying to poison you", complains Christina Barnett. "Once Natalya pushed me onto a fence under electricity. The media is trying to make me look bad for treating my child this way, but the point is, there is no child."

A dwarf from Ukraine pretended to be a child and threatened to kill her foster family

Over the years of living in the family, the adopted Ukrainian woman repeatedly painted the scene of the murder of all members, and then said that she would wrap their bodies in blankets and bury them in the garden. She could jump out of a car on the move, smear blood on the mirrors and do things that a small innocent child is not capable of. For example, the dwarf laid out pushpins on the stairs with their needles up so that someone would step on them and get hurt.

Doctors confirmed that Natalia Grace had a severe psychological disorder that only adults have. They told the Barnetts that their daughter was a sociopath and a danger to them. In the end, all charges were dropped from the adoptive parents. Natalya herself denied all the accusations against her and assured that she did not do anything that she was accused of.

Meanwhile, journalists found the girl's mother. Anna Gava lives in Nikolaev. Immediately after the birth of her daughter, she divorced her husband, and gave the girl to an orphanage, because she was born with severe disabilities, and the woman already had a 4-year-old daughter in her arms. Anna claims that she gave birth to Natalya on September 4, 2003.

A dwarf from Ukraine pretended to be a child and threatened to kill her foster family

The girl is well remembered in the Nikolaev shelter, where her photos are still kept. According to Olga Litvinova, head physician of the regional orphanage, everyone loved Natalya very much, she was a kind girl and her hair was always braided. And they were also preparing for bone surgery when a family from the USA appeared, ready to adopt her. Experts believe that the child's documents were deliberately changed so that he would have chances for adoption.

Natalia's mother feels guilty about her and is ready to accept her daughter in Ukraine. "I will take care of her and ask her forgiveness" Anna Gava says But the "orphan" in no hurry to return home. With the help of Christina Barnett, she received her high school diploma and briefly studied cosmetology. In 2014, the girl was evicted from the apartment for non-payment, and then she disappeared from view. Now Natalia Grace lives in the family of American pastor Entwon Mansi, and her former adoptive parents are worried that the new family is now in danger.

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