Auckland accused of pollution of the Bay San Francisco

Auckland accused of pollution of the Bay San Francisco

Problems with the garbage of Oakland have a negative impact on the Bay of San Francisco. On the waterways in the Gulf dumped tons of waste, which causes deterioration of the ecological environment. And Oakland will either solve the garbage problem, or pay a fine.

We will note that Auckland is included in the list of the 76 municipalities, which were obliged to reduce the release of waste into the Bay. And unless the city cut 70% of their waste, then next month it can expect lawsuits. According to experts, the amount of such fines can reach up to 10 thousand dollars a day.

«Garbage is not just annoying view, but also harm the fish and wildlife of the Bay. In fact, the environment suffers and our health,» says David Lewis, Executive Director of the organization «Save the Bay». In his opinion, the city authorities did not give this problem adequate attention, and the impact on officials of the public are not active enough.

Note that the city of Oakland has already reduced emissions of waste into the Gulf by 45% compared to last year. But the figure of 70 % has not been reached.