Student from Kyrgyzstan scratched his name on the Lincoln memorial

Student from Kyrgyzstan scratched his name on the Lincoln memorial

Monday, September 18, the D.C. police detained the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic of 21-year-old student of Northlake Bakirova. He is accused of «committing an act of vandalism.»
But the thing is that the guy apparently decided to perpetuate his name in history, and with penny scratched out his name on the column of the Lincoln memorial. Now on the marble bears the inscription «NORTH ILEK». Hot bully caught by a police officer U.S. Park.

Another case of vandalism at #LincolnMemorial-this time police say a man engraved letters with a penny. Story at 10

— Kelly Rule (@KellyRuleTV) September 20, 2017

«Another case of vandalism with #LincolnMemorial-according to the police, this time the inscription was scratched with a penny».

Now Nortelco Bakirovu be charged with intentionally causing damage to property. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 25,000.
Now Bakirova was released and ordered to appear for hearing in court on 1 Nov.

As for the memorial, the restoration of the column, problems may arise.
According to court documents, from letters to get rid of completely impossible, but you can buff out. This procedure will cost 2 thousand dollars, writes the Washington Post.
«Scratched the inscription is an irreversible damage. That’s a concern and poses a problem,» said Justine Bello, conservator of architectural structures the National Mall and Memorial Parks.
Since the inscription was carved, not painted, and getting rid of it will be much harder, says Bello.
Fortunately, the inscription is not too big — just a few inches. Other inscriptions left by the hooligans at the memorial, was more.

This is the third time this year when the iconic monument was attacked by the vandals.