TOP 10 most popular places in San Francisco (photos)

TOP 10 most popular places in San Francisco (photos)

The city by the Bay could compete for the title of the «integralnogo» city in the world with new York or Los Angeles, because: a) the famous app Instagram was invented here; b) huge number of urban landscapes is published online daily, both residents of San Francisco and tourists. «Not published in Instagram – so have not seen» — here’s an unofficial motto of today’s travelers. But residents of the city, where a simple walk ends with dozens of fascinating images, you can’t blame the fact that they love their city and want to share its beauty with the rest of the world. San Francisco is beautiful, and we have prepared for you 10 places, which are often only published in Instagram.

Past and present: Market Street

Rollercoaster at California Street

A dizzying descent on Vermont Street

The breath of history in Embarcadero

The property is overlooking the ocean on Great Highway

«The meeting place cannot be changed» on Jefferson Street (well, the same conspicuous landmark)

Modern street art on Clarion Alley

China paint on Grant Avenue

Urban chic and burlesque on Haight Street

The famous downhill on Lombard Street