Library new York «forgive» all children’s fines

Library new York «forgive» all children’s fines

About 160 thousand children, most of whom live in poor areas of the city will be able to borrow books in libraries for free. All accrued and accumulated fines will be cancelled.

The three library systems of the city – the new York public library, Queens library and Brooklyn public library will forgive all fines for children 17 years and under and unlock their card.

Library new York «forgive» all children’s fines

This one-time event has the financial support of the charitable Foundation the JPB, which has been supporting civil initiatives. It compensates for 2.25 million dollars, which has not received the state of forgiven fines.

«Amnesty» is a dramatic way to inform the children and young people that we want you to come back, and we want you to read,» said Anthony Marx, President of the new York public library.

The so-called forgiveness does not include the return of overdue books or DVDs. Marx said: «We want you to be responsible, but we don’t want to punish you just because you are too poor to pay the fine».

36-year-old Venice, Beckford, the worker of a kindergarten, very happy at this news. She told me that she has 3 children that have to pay at least $ 180 for unpaid fees and book fines at the library at Hamilton Grange in Manhattan.

Beckford told The New York Times that, in connection with a busy schedule she and her husband often forget to remind the children about the return of books from the library. But her household is like reading: «Books can be found everywhere in our house.»

The President of the Queens library Dennis Walcott described by a one-time action as a necessary «experiment» that can help to determine if the future without penalty.