Passengers of the Long Island Rail Road promise a «hellish summer»

Passengers of the Long Island Rail Road promise a «hellish summer»

Railroad train long island (Long Island Rail Road) will follow to station, Grand Central in new York not earlier than 2022. Any recent data on the status of work in the tunnel.

The project had to be completed in 2009 but construction was delayed. In addition, the cost of the work increased to 10.2 billion dollars – twice more than originally envisioned, writes the Washington times.

So while the passengers of the railroad Long Island Rail Road (by the way, the biggest by passenger traffic suburban roads in the U.S.) traveling to Manhattan, facing Pennsylvania Station.

Pennsylvania Station accepts up to 600 thousand passengers on weekdays and this affects the condition of the station. Over the past two months there have been two derailments, power failures, traffic lights and so on. Therefore, the station begins a major renovation.

Since July, the repair works on replacement of tracks will last up to seven weeks. According to Mark Epstein, the Chairman of the Board suburban trains of the long island sound, this can cause delays of trains, limiting the service station. Passengers of the Long Island Rail Road predict a «hellish summer».

As for long-term construction under Grand Central, when it opens, will cater to 160 million passengers a day. Its size will reach five city blocks. According to the plan, on the territory of the new station under Grand Central there will be four platforms and eight tracks on two levels. Also under construction shopping centre and the hall restaurant.