Report | new York is not ready for climate change

Report | new York is not ready for climate change

Hurricane sandyblew down in new York in 2012, showed that the city’s infrastructure was not ready for large-scale natural disaster. And according to a recently published report of the regional plan Association (RPA), for 5 years, the situation has not changed. According to experts, the Big Apple will not survive not just another hurricane, but the sea level rise caused by global warming.

Environmentalists predict thatthe level of world ocean will rise two feet during the next 30 years, which, according to the report, will lead to the fact that approximately 10 000 houses in new York and neighboring States will be under water. In addition, by 2050 almost 60 percent of the energy in the region will come from objects that are located in areas susceptible to flooding, there are also four major airports.

Report | new York is not ready for climate change

To remedy the situation, the authorities need to spend nmalenjkuju amount. Analysts RPA calculated that to prevent mass flooding need to hold and improve a total value of $ 28 billion. The region needs a comprehensive plancovering a variety of tasks, including the draining of wetlands and construction of new sea walls. But the problem here is the lack of a coordinated effort of the authorities or of the governing body who will deal with this issue. In fact, it is rather surprising, given that the transformation into a modern Atlantis over a few decades should be of concern to any resident of new York.

However, experts do not throw unfounded accusations, offering few options of prevention has not yet come crisis. RPA advises the authorities of the States of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut to establish a Regional coastal Commission, which will develop programs to protect residents from the effects of global warming. To Finance all these projects will have the Trusts of adaptation States, specially formed for this purpose.

This plan seems very ambitious, but the need is still due to common sense. The defenses themselves will not stand, and when residential areas will be under water, to save them will be already too late.


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