Killed Las Vegas gunman, a policeman asked me not to mourn him

Killed Las Vegas gunman, a policeman asked me not to mourn him

Charleston Hatfield is a retired police officer from Las Vegas and a veteran of the U.S. army, which became one of the victims of the Vegas arrow, when life made notes about his own funeral.

As reported by the Associated Press, after the death of Hatfield, his wife Veronica was on the computer text file that begins: «If you are reading this, then I called home.»

Killed Las Vegas gunman, a policeman asked me not to mourn him

Veronica said that the file was created about a year ago. It Charleston writes words of love addressed to his family, and also gives instructions about his funeral. He asked not to wear black and expresses the wish that the funeral was heard songs by johnny cash and Nina Simone.

«I want you to remember me the way I was. To tell the truth. Nothing like how I was beautiful and gorgeous,» continues the Charleston.

Last Friday, when Las Vegas said goodbye to the police, all participants violated this request. Friends, brothers and sisters of the men remembered «Chuckie» — as it was called close – as «insightful, witty man and a wonderful mentor».

General Zachary dozer, head of the National guard of Nevada, noted that the 34-year-old Hatfield has had 17 years of service in Iraq and guard of the state. «He embodied the best in these Americans.»

Funeral services were held for Charleston Hartfield, who was killed in the Las Vegas shooting. Read more:

— NBC News (@NBCNews) October 21, 2017

The Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said that in the evening when Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd at a music festival, Charleston tried to bring people from the danger zone.

Lombardo also quoted a phrase of the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which is not once mentioned Charleston in his book of memoirs about military service: «To the world you are just someone but for someone you – the whole world.»

The Charleston of Hatfield is survived by his wife and two children.