Another sex scandal in Hollywood: 38 women accused Director James Tobeka harassment

Another sex scandal in Hollywood: 38 women accused Director James Tobeka harassment

Looks like Harvey Weinstein is not the only filmmaker who used official position in order to satisfy their unhealthy carnal needs. Edition of the Los Angeles Times accused of similar actions by his peers James Tabaka.

According to a Sunday article 38 women in a separate interview told about sexual harassment by a famous American film Director, screenwriter, actor and producer.

Another sex scandal in Hollywood: 38 women accused Director James Tobeka harassment

Most of the incidents took place in new York. Walking through the streets of Manhattan, Tabak looked after attractive girls and then bragging about their achievements in the Hollywood Olympus, and promised to make them famous. Under the pretext of an interview or audition, he appointed them a meeting.

Despite the fact that none of the victims don’t blame Tobeka sexual violence as such, they all went away from him with shame and disgust. The majority of women asserts that Tobak was mastrubirovat in their presence, asked questions of an intimate nature or touched them against their will.

The victims chose not to contact the police and has long remained alone with his unpleasant secret. The scandal involving Weinstein became a kind of a trigger for victims of sexual violence and harassment, and the avalanche of accusations fell upon Topeka.

«I have my own story about James Tabaka. I was 18 years old and he was about 50. It was vile and disgusting» — shared his unpleasant memories Kelly of Raleigh, at one time faced with the producer.

I have my own story about #jamestoback from when I was 18. It was vile & disgusting. He was around 50 at the time. That’s why I believe her

— Kelley Raleigh (@kelleyraleigh) September 17, 2017

«If in the 90s you had to do with the cinema, you know that Harvey Weinstein is a sex maniac, James Toback too,» tweeted the actress and music supervisor Echo Danon.

If you were involved in the film business in the ’90s you knew that #harveyweinstien was a sexual predator.Another one was #JamesToback

— Echo Danon (@echodanon) October 11, 2017

«I am proud of my sisters, who overthrew another pig» — joined Asia Argento, who claims that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein.

Note that the accusations against James Tobeka do not yet have official evidence, and criminal cases against him are not instituted.

The very same 72-year-old Director denies all this, claiming that physically was not capable of such behavior, suffering from diabetes and heart disease.

Tobak, known for his work on the films «Bugsy», «Black and white», «Player» and «In sight».