Tesla has installed solar panels for the children’s hospital in Puerto Rico

Tesla has installed solar panels for the children’s hospital in Puerto Rico

The world-famous company Tesla has installed solar panels and batteries for uninterrupted power supply at children’s hospital San Juan Hospital del Niño in Puerto Ricowho suffered after hurricane Maria.

Founder and chief inspirer of the company Elon Musk said in Instagram that it was «the first of many projects with solar panels that will function in Puerto Rico». Musk added that he is happy to help rebuild the island. The billionaire praised the work of his team, which worked around the clock to quickly put the project into operation.

Recall that 3 weeks ago, October 6, Musk wrote in a Twitterthat Tesla can recover the electricity network in Puerto Rico with solar panels. The company has already engaged in such projects on the Islands of Hawaii, Kauai and Samoa, which are much smaller in Puerto Rico. Despite this, Musk has expressed readiness for such an experiment, if it will interest the government.

On the same day the Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello announced the start of negotiations with the Musk. He stressed that their teams analyze their capabilities. And now, after 3 weeks, the first fruits of their collaboration have already been implemented at the children’s hospital of the capital of the island.

New power supply system of a hospital generates the necessary energy. As it became known, in the building there are 35 regular patients with chronic diseases. In addition, the hospital is visited by about 3 thousand children.

Regarding the financial side of the transaction, the head of the hospital said that at the moment is a donation. But he stressed that after the energy crisis, the deal could become permanent.

As of Wednesday morning, in Puerto Rico regained only 25% of electricity. It is expected that full restoration of supply would take months and will cost $ 5 billion.

Tesla is not the only tech company that is trying to help Puerto Rico. Parent company Google, Alphabet, placed on the island of balloons for your project Project Loon with the portable network. Now residents can share messages and to use certain web browsers.

Hospital del Niño is the first of many solar+storage projects going live. Grateful to support the recovery of Puerto Rico with @ricardorossello pic.twitter.com/JfAu11UBYg

— Tesla (@Tesla) October 24, 2017