Trump plans to reduce the two to a national Park

Trump plans to reduce the two to a national Park

The Senator from Utah, Orrin Grant hatch, said Friday that President trump plans to reduce the two to a national Park in Utah.

The Ney York Times writes that Mr. hatch, who is a Republican, said on a telephone conversation, during which the President informed him that he endorsed the proposal of Ryan Zinke, Minister of internal Affairs of the United States, reducing the area to a National Park Bears Ears, created by President Obama, and a National Park Grand Staircase-Escalante, established by President Clinton.

Trump plans to reduce the two to a national Park

Reserve Bears Ears covers an area of 1.35 million acres, and Grand Staircase-Escalante is the largest reserve in the United States, spanning nearly 2 million acres. At the moment there were no details on how will be reduced the territory under state protection, and where will the new boundaries of the reserves.

These recommendations were the result of orders of the President trump, released in April in which the guarantor is required to study the activities of a total of 24 nature reserves in different parts of the country.

On Friday, Mr. Zinke met with the President to discuss this issue. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a spokesman for the White house announced that a final decision on the fate of the reserves will appear in the near future. She did not specify whether signed Mr trump all the recommendations or only some of them.

Group for the protection of the environment has already condemned the actions of the President. They also consider it outrageous the fact that Donald trump makes the decision behind closed doors of his office about the reduction of one of the largest reserves of the country, created to Express a tribute to native Americans.

National parks for a long time been a source of contention among farmers, miners and environmentalists. Conservative groups claim that the special status of these territories is comparable to national parks, and creates the burden of regulatory compliance, which hurts the local economy. Republicans in the Western States has accused Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama in a Federal abuse of power, when they began to demand the strict protection measures for these objects.

Now, when President trump has decided to limit the natural reserves, the opponents of this decision are talking about a possible future lawsuits for its cancellation.