The original wall has appeared on the border with Mexico

The original wall has appeared on the border with Mexico

In San Diego on the U.S. border with Mexico was established 8 prototype wall, which in the future should share two States. They are all made to meet the requirements of the presidential administration, in particular, the height of which reaches from 18 to 30 feet.

Four samples made of concrete, the rest made up of other advanced materials. Some blocks are solid monolith, and the other in the lower part is composed of a grid that allows you to view the border for her.

The original wall has appeared on the border with Mexico

Before part prototypes will be selected for full-scale construction, they pass a number of tests. The whole testing process will take from 30 to 60 days. The experts will check whether it is possible to get through them and make a tunnel or damage to any tools, including heavy, such as sledgehammers and pickaxes.

According to renderings published by the customs and border service of the USA, wall trump will look like a barrier, consisting of several strips of protection: concrete runway will be converted to United States, and lattice barrier will stand in for Mexico.

It is obvious that the process of prototype testing, approval of matching of samples and compliance with all legal technicalities will take more than one month. Only the prototypes had spent seven months and complete the construction of the wall will need much more time.

Another problem is the lack of funding. Paid was only prototyping. In the draft budget for the year 2018, the White house proposed, provided 1.6 billion dollars to start construction, however, the project still needs to approve. But according to preliminary estimates by officials, the wall can cost 8 to 12 billion dollars, while external sources is the sum of 21 billion dollars.