Ash the toxic threat to the health of Californians

Ash the toxic threat to the health of Californians

The largest fire in California history took dozens of lives in the Northern part of the state, has left thousands of people without a roof over his head, wiped off the face of the Earth, entire areas and caused billions of dollars damage to the local economy.

Today the fire districts in NAPA, SONOMA, Mendocino and Yuba extinguished by 97%. But this does not mean that the danger has passed. In fact, one threat came another — the toxic ash.

Ash the toxic threat to the health of Californians

During fires in the impacted region was searing, coating materials, asbestos panels, pipe insulation, various chemical solutions and other items and substances, during combustion of which is formed of a hazardous substance. Not only that, they got into the air along with the smoke when the elements subsided, on the scorched terrain left and toxic ash and debris.

On removing debris are actively working employees of the California Department of resources recycling and engineering troops of the United States.

According to the Department for the control of toxic substances, cleaning debris and garbage is completed in the districts of NAPA, SONOMA, Yuba, and Mendocino, but there was one problem — ash.

The Agency warns that the fine particles remaining after fires, contain cadmium, lead, Nickel, arsenic, copper and zinc after the rains a «cocktail» with high probability it will fall into the river, and because of the wind, the toxins can be in the air. Obviously, this is a direct threat to human health.

To prevent the spread of chemicals, the staff of the relevant departments poured ash and debris with water and cover them with a tarpaulin. Besides, the top soil in all contaminated areas will eliminate further purification.

While experts have not completed the process of liquidation of hazardous wastes, the residents of the affected regions is strongly recommended to back to their homes. If this is not possible, should be worn to avoid contact with the ash.