In the Apple for the first time in 3 years has presented a new gadget

In the Apple for the first time in 3 years has presented a new gadget

On Monday, the company Apple presented their new gadget, which is planned by its creators should be to the lovers of music. New from Apple is a smart smart column, which is able to not only play music but also to help the user discover something new.

Apple are confident that their new product will be able to surpass similar gadgets that produce major competitors techno — giant such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

Sets trends the company also told about innovations in existing products and expanding into virtual reality by creating a special form of artificial intelligence called machine learning.

So, the new column HomePodshown at the annual press conference of the company, very similar to similar devices from other manufacturers that come out in the last two years. She, as well as the Amazon Echo or Google Home able to play music and to help its owner to cope with household chores thanks to the digital assistant Siri, which since 2011 is an integral element of the popular iPhone. Siri is activated by a voice command, after which it can search all necessary information in Internet, voice search results and perform a number of other useful features.

Feature columns HomePod, and what distinguishes them from a number of similar gadgets, is the ability to discover new music. In order to use this feature, users will need to subscribe to a streaming service from Apple (this subscription will cost approximately $10-$15 dollars a month), which is now used by 27 million people. From now on, Siri will act as a music scholar, able to learn to satisfy the tastes of the owners of the HomePod, and to answer questions about the songs while listening.

Column HomePod will go on sale at a price of about $350 in December of this year in the US, UK and Australia. For comparison it should be noted that Amazon sells its basic version speaker Echo for $180; speakers Google’s Home you can buy for $130.

In the Apple for the first time in 3 years has presented a new gadgetsource: apple

What else is new scheduled at Apple? IMac the new generation will get better screens and more powerful graphics systems. In Apple claim that this upgrade makes the Mac a great platform for immersion in virtual reality, although the company hasn’t announced any consumer products VR.

Safari web browser from Apple, will have new functions to get rid of online stimuli. The browser will block videos that start playing automatically and also prevent the tracking of users in order to offer specific products. But in fact the very is browser block will not.

In the Apple for the first time in 3 years has presented a new gadgetsource: apple

Apple also introduced a new version of its business — oriented iPad Pro is medium in size with a large amount of memory, improved display and camera that is able to cope with the tasks that were previously just on the shoulder of laptops.

The new functions foreseen for iPhones and iPads, include minor improvements such as synchronization of messages with the Apple servers in the cloud and save storage space on phones and tablets.

In addition, Apple now provides the ability to send money to friends or to others through its payment system Pay Apple. Still it was possible to carry out only a limited number of payments, such as purchases of goods and services from companies and other organizations.

And the latest, free software updates for mobile devices iOS 11 is expected in September this year.