The brain of the Vegas arrow gave the study

The brain of the Vegas arrow gave the study

Scientists of Stanford University explore the brain Las Vegas shooter, who killed a month ago, 58 people at a music festival.

The study of the brain of Stephen Paddock will be held throughout the month, told The Associated Press officials of Las Vegas. The autopsy found no anomalies, but analysis of brain tissue under a microscope can detect the slightest neurological problems, including diseases of the blood vessels, tumors, some types of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, degenerative disorders, physical injury and infection.
Dr. Hannes Vogel, Director of the Center for neuropathology at Stanford University, assured that nothing will be left unattended.

The brain of the Vegas arrow gave the study

This decision was made because a month after the tragedy, the detectives never found out the motives of Stephen Paddock. According to experts, even the study of the brain may not give the much needed answers to the families of the victims.

«Between a problem and a motive is a big gap,» says Brian Peterson, President of the National Association of medical examiners and the chief coroner Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. «The fact that you have some kind of disease, doesn’t mean you go kill people.»

Dissection of the brain of the perpetrator is not standard practice, but sometimes it is requested of the family to better understand their own genetic risks.

Neurologist Douglas fields argues that such violent acts like mass shootings or terrorism, are rarely associated with disorders of the brain. «The police are looking for motive, but it is very difficult to determine suicidal psychopaths. For these violent crimes there is no logical explanation. It’s just uncontrollable and pleasure from killing, that’s all,» adds fields.