An FBI agent was fired because of the use of medicines for the treatment of infertility

An FBI agent was fired because of the use of medicines for the treatment of infertility

Former army officer and member of an elite team to rescue the hostages of the FBI , Matthew Lytton dismissed due to the fact that he did not provide information about the medicines you were taking to treat infertility.

For 7 years he and his family experienced a real test, which turned their life upside down, destroyed his reputation and nearly led to financial ruin.

Lytton met his future wife Kate in 1998, when he served in one of the main garrisons of the U.S. army Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The couple tried to have children, but to no avail. In 1997, the army doctors gave the man the diagnosis of infertility.

In 2001 Lytton joined the FBI and was hoping for a more stable job will help him cope with his illness. But after September 11, the agent sent to serve in Afghanistan, where the man headed the team the special purpose of 7 people.

At the end of 2003, the Lytton returned to the United States. Around the same time his wife began working for the FBI. The following year he decided to retake the test to see if its state at that time. The doctor came to the conclusion that the man has enough low hormone levels. According to Litton, he was a 70-year-old man.

Their attempts to have children, to anything did not lead, in particular, due to the fact that the wife of Lytton was diagnosed with a violation of the thyroid gland. Together, they constantly searched for treatments, and, in the end, Litany found a doctor in Michigan who could help them. Their insurance from the FBI paid a hormonal solution.

The husband and wife are not recorded in standard medical forms, the Bureau took special medication prescribed by your doctor. But their insurance company delved deep into their treatment and considered prescribed medications is questionable.

In September 2010, the couple was accused of using steroids and was arrested. Both Lifanov was suspended without pay. Subsequently, they had to abandon the artificial insemination, which was scheduled for next month. Instead, Littany spent their savings – 50 thousand dollars on lawyers.

Despite the fact that husband and wife acquitted and reinstated in service in February of 2014, the FBI informed the spouses that the government is seeking their dismissal. The investigators concluded that problems with infertility was not the only reason due to which Lytton began to take medication. They suggested that man used them to improve their productivity in the team.

In the end, Lifanov re-suspended and fired. «We didn’t have any income», – said the husband. Pair survived, relying on money borrowed from relatives, and thanks to the support of friends from the team to rescue the hostages.

All the difficulties and accusations did not prevent Littoral still to have her first child in 2015. In July 2017 they had another baby.

Finally, in September 2017, the judge ruled that Mr. Lytton was a disability – infertility – and that he did not have to disclose the details of treatment.

But even after the victory in the seven-year litigation for spouses there are many unresolved questions, for example, will pay them wages that have been frozen, and whether to restore Litton service.