Study: people love dogs more than other people

Study: people love dogs more than other people

The results of two large-scale studies have shown that in dire circumstances humanity is experiencing more empathy to dogs than to other people.

British medical charity conducted two campaigns to collect donations — one for dogs and another for men. On two separate ads said: «You donate £ 5 to save Harrison from a slow and painful death?», and Harrison called both human and dog. The result of the experiment proved to be very entertaining – more money was able to collect for the animal.

Study: people love dogs more than other people

Another study conducted at northeastern University, has shown that man’s best friend in the degree of mercy and a desire to help, may be rivaled only by small children.

Students were shown fake newspaper clippings about the attack on the puppy, an adult dog, one year old baby and a 30-year-old adult with a baseball bat. After they were asked to answer a series of questions to assess their degree of empathy. And guess who took the last place in the ranking of empathy? Right, a grown man.

The researchers say that respondents are much less experienced, reading about an adult, than after reading about the old puppy dog and a baby. At the same time, an adult dog is only slightly behind the infant, took third place in the list.

If you think about it, the results can be explained by the fact that the animal often cannot help themselves, or defend themselves, if threatened, takes action the instinct to help the weakas to the word, and in the case of a child. After all, dogs and small children do not lie, do not envy, hypocrisy and show all those negative qualities that a lot of adults. And although someone could say that only lazy people give birth to dogs instead of trying to build human relationships, one cannot deny that the animal love more sincerethan the feelings of any of us, because they expect nothing from us in return.