People today camped in front of Apple stores for iPhone X

People today camped in front of Apple stores for iPhone X

Fans of «Apple» gadgets had slept before the stores of Apple around the world, to be the first among those who will see the new iPhone X. Its sales will start today, November 3.

In new York city on West 14th Street some even set up tents and settled down on inflatable mattresses, waiting for the opening of the store.

People today camped in front of Apple stores for iPhone X

IPhone X is the most expensive smartphone from Apple, it costs from $ 999, reports the Associated Press.

Those who decide to order it online, have to wait 5-6 weeks because a lot of orders, and the company needs time to produce smartphones. However, many believe that Apple specifically reduces the proposal to create a hype and increase demand.

«We will increase production of the iPhone X every week. Christmas is our biggest season,» said yesterday the company’s CEO Tim cook.

Mark Spoonauer, managing editor, Tom’s Guide, was one of the lucky ones to explore the new smartphone from Apple before the start of sales.

«This is the most beautiful phone ever made by Apple,» he told ABC7 Spoonauer. «Screen from edge to edge. To unlock your phone uses the person ID. Unlike his predecessors, there is no «home» button to explore the phone’s work will take some time.»

According to Spoonauer, the phone is a great camera, and also have the ability to use an animated Emoji that will copy your gestures.

«Dignity? Obviously, the screen, the image quality and design. Disadvantages? The facial recognition system slow work, and the battery still does not hold a charge. Is it worth that kind of money – you decide, but a little sad that a thousand dollars has become the new norm for prices over the phone,» said Spoonauer.