The restaurant used photos Caitlin Jenner, to mark men’s and women’s restroom

The restaurant used photos Caitlin Jenner, to mark men’s and women’s restroom

One of the restaurants of Texas was at the center of a scandal in connection with non-use photo Kathleen Jenner. The owner is accused of discrimination for posting images of Kim on the bathroom door.

It all started with a post to Facebook. Visit Dodie»s Place Cajun Bar & Grill in August, information appeared about «the newest members of the team Dodie, Kathleen, and Bruce». The text was accompanied by a photo, which depicted the entrance door to the men’s and women’s toilet of the restaurant with a photo of Kathleen Jenner before and after the admission of transgender and transformation.

On the door in the women’s toilet is a picture of the 68-year-old Jenner, taken from the cover of Vanity Fair. The door to the men’s restroom is decorated with photos Jenner the time of the summer Olympic games of 1976.

The message that appears for several months remained without attention of the public until 30 October. shared a reporter for the Dallas Morning News Building, Diforio.

Many condemned the restaurant owner for use of photos. But there were those who thought the «joke» good.

One of the Twitter users commented on a photo: «none of the transgenders were not injured during the creation of these photos».

The owner of the restaurant refused to comment on the strange «decor». However, the media argued that, by taking part in the discussion of the photos on Facebook under a pseudonym, he wrote that the pictures «finally» caught the attention of the press.

What’s going on here in Dallas?

— Dom (@DomDiFurio) October 30, 2017