Star baseball player Roy Halliday died in a plane crash

Star baseball player Roy Halliday died in a plane crash

On Tuesday, former player in Major League baseball Leroy «Roy» johnny, nicknamed Doc died and a plane crash. His plane fell into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco reported that the athlete’s body was discovered in the mangroves near the town of Holliday, FL.

Currently, the police has no data on whether there were on Board other than the pilot. The incident is investigated by the civil aviation authority.

Star baseball player Roy Halliday died in a plane crash

From 1998 to 2013 Halliday played for the team «Toronto blue jays» and «Philadelphia Phillies» on the pitcher’s mound. 4 years ago he retired from professional sports and became interested in aviation.

Recently, former baseball player bought ultralight seaplane Icon A5. He was delighted with your purchase and happily shared photos of the aircraft assets and flight videos on social networks.

«It is impossible to describe what spectacular views me through the window of my A5!», — Halliday wrote on his Twitter page.

Can’t begin to explain all the breathtaking views I have seen thru the open windows of demo’s & now my very own Icon A5! Thx to all at Icon!

— Roy Halladay (@RoyHalladay) August 13, 2017

I’m really not big on posting pic’s of my stuff and I’ll never be on Cribs… but this A5 is so outrageous I’d feel guilty not sharing pics!

— Roy Halladay (@RoyHalladay) August 17, 2017

He admitted that he had long dreamed about the plane, but during the sports career, the contract terms did not allow him to obtain a pilot’s license, and his wife was against it. Last month his dream came true in full measure, together with the appearance of the aircraft.

Who would have thought that the object of adoration will lead the athlete into the clutches of death.

«I told your father that to fly an Icon A5 low on water is like to fly a fighter jet,» wrote the late in one of his last tweets.

I keep telling my dad the Icon A5 flying low over the water is like flying a fighter jet! His response….. I am flying a fighter jet!!

— Roy Halladay (@RoyHalladay) August 31, 2017

With the death of Hallyday professional baseball lost one of its best representatives. He was among the five pitchers who managed to win the prize of the CY young in both leagues -American and National.