NJ Transit will be on time delay

NJ Transit will be on time delay

If you are going on the weekends to take advantage of NJ Transit, better plan your trip in advance because of expected delays up to 60 minutes.

As reported by the management company Amtrak, due to the fact that the semaphore near the station Newark Penn will be for the time withdrawn from service for repair. Because of this, trains will run at minimum speeds.

NJ Transit will be on time delay

Repair work will start from 21.00 on Friday, November 10and will continue until the night of the resurrection. November 13 morning, NJ Transit should work normally.

In addition, output will not go train Northeast Corridor 7600 series between Rahway and New York Penn Station. Passengers take the next train, which should be 5-10 minutes late and will make additional stop at North Elizabeth.

Those who are not satisfied with the delay in motion, the company proposes to use buses, which are specially run on the weekend. Buses will run according to the timetables.

Friday, November 10, from 21.00 to closing NJ Transit buses will be allowed in both directions between Cranford and Newark Penn Station. Saturday and Sunday buses will run between Union and Newark Penn Station.

All passengers are encouraged to listen carefully to announcements at stations and apologize for the inconvenience.