Proteins can help fight strokes

Proteins can help fight strokes

Scientists believe that the squirrels, who like the bears can go into hibernation in winter, able to help patients with stroke to prevent brain damage.

Researchers from the National Institute of neurological disorders and stroke, USA (NINDS) found that when the proteins in the winter asleep in their cells is a protective process that allows the brain to function normally despite reduced blood circulation and flow of oxygen.

Proteins can help fight strokes

When whites Wake up, they do not suffer from diseases, although their brain was deprived of nutrients.

Scientists suggest that the creation of a drug which would cause the same cellular protective mechanisms, would help patients with ischemic stroke.

While ischemic stroke is the death of cells that frequently leads to paralysis and speech problems.
«If we could start a process that occurs in hibernating animals, it would help to protect the brain during stroke, and to give people the recovery,» notes the study one of the authors, a graduate student NINDS Joshua Bernstock.

The researchers found that the protective process of the brain cells can be strengthened by an enzyme with Absalom. When he injected into mice, they survived even after abrupt decrease of blood circulation and saturation of oxygen to the brain.

Joshua Bernstock expressed the hope that after their colleagues work more and more scientists will turn to nature in attempts to solve important medical issues.